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Frog Hollow has been a place of Gija culture since its inception with the community founder and first chairperson, Jack Britten, being a renowned painter.
The late artist George Mung Mung and his wife Buttercup Mung also lived at Frog Hollow.

 Most community members find employment at the school as language teachers, operations staff, teaching assistants, cooks, cleaners, crèche assistants, grounds staff. Others find employment at the nearby Savannah Nickel Mine or Argyle Diamond Mine. Frog Hollow is an active, progressing community with a strong backbone of Gija Elders whose voice is strong and heard in the school and community.

Frog Hollow has 24 hour electricity generated on site (diesel and solar) and a clean, constant supply of water maintained by the Warmun Council to ensure it meets drinking standard at all times.

Access to the community is along 1km of dirt road. It is accessible during both the Wet and Dry Seasons. During the Dry Season the weather is cool. The temperature ranges from 5-10 degrees overnight and 20-30 degrees during the day with clear blue skies. The weather becomes very hot in September until it begins to rain (The Build-Up) in late November, sometimes December. The temperature during the Wet Season ranges from 36 – 47 degrees, often with high humidity. The Wet Season varies from year to year, but typically lasts from Nov – March.

The only service in Frog Hollow is the school. There is no store, roadhouse, swimming pool, clinic or airstrip. These services are available in Warmun. The administrative centre for the region, Kununurra is 230km north of Frog Hollow. Here you will find supermarkets, restaurants, a butcher, a bakery, service stations, post office and hotels and bars. Kununurra also has an airport with regular flights to Broome, Darwin and Perth. 

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