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The Ngarrjam classes are buzzing with excitement.

Miss Amy teaches students in years 1/2/3 in our Junior Primary class. Miss Amy joined our team at the beginning of 2018 and has been teaching the Junior Primary cohort since she arrived. Junior Primary students engage with Accelerated Literacy and Stepping Stones lessons each day, along with lots of songs and games to enhance their learning. Miss Amy teaches Technologies as her specialty class!

Sir Louis provides a quality learning program for students in years 3-6. Sir Louis also teaches music as his specialty subject!

The Ngarrjam classrooms are bright and engaging learning spaces. Students access a range of resources to assist their learning, including; picture books, iPads, use of an interactive whiteboard, a plethora of maths games and resources and all the bells and whistles of a modern classroom. 

Every student has an Individual Education Plan developed by their teacher and Aboriginal Teaching Assistants alongside their parents, to ensure each and every student is on track to reaching their full potential. 

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